John Raymond Transport Ltd understands that its operations have an impact on the local and global environment and is committed to the continual environmental improvement of its activities. The fact that we have been awarded the Green Dragon Environmental Standard for the third year running is testament to this.

We are committed to compliance with all applicable environmental legislation, ensuring that we remain up to date with new legislation through support from numerous external agencies and industry groups and also ensure that we adhere to industry standards and best practice.

The company has a commitment to prevent pollution by ensuring that there is containment for storage of oils and fuels etc and reduce the risk of leaks and reduce energy use, which releases greenhouse gases during its generation and compliance with WEEE regulations. We use I.T. and Telematics to route vehicles more efficiently thereby reducing their respective carbon footprints. We work towards targets set out in our Environmental Improvement Plan, which was developed after a baseline environmental review was undertaken. The plan is reviewed and updated at least annually.

John Raymond Transport continues to investigate alternative fuels that have a lower environmental impact and continue with a vehicle replacement programme whereby older vehicles are replaced by new Euro 6 compliant vehicles that significantly reduce emissions and use less fuel. We ensure that all staff are aware of the Environmental Management Systems, and that they are aware of their roles within the system and the potential environmental impacts of their jobs.

Please find our latest Environmental policy here


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