About John Raymond Transport

Over the course of the last 60 years, John Raymond Transport’s distinctive red livery has become a familiar sight on the roads of the UK and Europe. In this time, the company has expanded from being a regional haulier, into a leading UK operator. In many ways, John Raymond Transport has mirrored the wider UK economy with our early client base being dominated by heavy manufacturing, especially the steelworks of South Wales.

The company has built on this heritage and wealth of experience to go on and service a wide range of FMCG customers, including leading retailers, food and drink manufacturers; paper and building material specialists.

All Departments - Traffic Office, Warehouse, and Maintenance Facilities are manned 24 x 7 x 364, this enables all customer transport / distribution requirements to be processed with maximum efficiency via our Roadrunner Computer System, which allows us to ensure customers goods are delivered on time every time. The Nolan Group acquired John Raymond Transport Limited in September 2016; the shared resource and synergies within the group adds strength and resilience which will enhance the customer service experience.


About Nolan Group

Nolan Group

Nolan Group is a European Asset Based Transport Company that was founded over 50 years ago and is headquartered in Ireland. As an Asset Based operator along with Supply Chain management expertise, Nolan Group has grown to be one of Europe’s leading transport companies by scale. Its strength lies in its Asset Based and innovative I.T. led strategy which allows it to maintain optimum control over 2700+ pieces of equipment in all critical areas and in real time.

The character of the company ensures that the lines of decision making are kept short which enables Nolan Group to respond quickly to the changing demands of its clients and shifts in the international market. Customer care, flexibility, agility and commitment to our customers are implicit throughout.


About Harlequin Logistics

harlequin logistics

Harlequin is a professionally run business which provides the kind of personal service associated with the very best family-run organisations.

Our regional diversity allows us to be easily accessible to all our customers, and as a consequence we place great value in business relationships.

We are owned by our management and shareholder hauliers, all of whom take a seat on our board.

Our operating model promotes service excellence without impairing commercial flexibility.

Along with our large fleet, substantial and far-flung depot infrastructure and proven systems this enables us to provide pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Check out our website @ https://www.harlequinlogistics.co.uk/




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